How would you like to improve your year round comfort and cut your utility bills by twenty-five to fifty percent?  With a geothermal heating and cooling system, the typical 2,000 square foot home in Northwest Indiana can be perfectly temperature controlled for a dollar a day.  You can even supplement your home’s water heater, and trim up to thirty percent from your annual water heating costs.  Because geothermal systems require only minimal amounts of energy to transfer heat, an average of four units of energy is produced for every unit of electricity needed to power the system, making geothermal the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating and cooling option on the market.  Installation will normally pay for itself in three to five years.  You can expect your indoor unit to last upwards of twenty years, and the ground loop system to provide reliable operation for over fifty years.

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Specializing in geothermal installation and maintenance, Crown Wheele Mechanical provides the information, recommendations, and services you need to take advantage of this proven and innovative opportunity.  We handle every aspect of your project properly, perfectly matching your requirements, sticking to an organized timetable, and guaranteeing your satisfaction.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, our fully licensed and insured technicians are trained and updated in leading-edge technology and installation procedures.  Established in 1946, we’ve seen firsthand the rewards and longevity of geothermal systems, and we’d love to improve the way you enjoy your home.  Call us for geothermal heating and cooling installation, service, and repair across Valparaiso, Chesterton, Crown Point, Merrillville, and Hobart, IN.

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